Galaxy Innovations, the new face of digital television in Europe and Spain

Galaxy Innovations, the new face of digital television in Europe and Spain


IN NO time, Galaxy Innovations is impacting the market of our country with its high quality self-manufactured products for digital and satellite television. Galaxy Innovations is an innovative company dedicated to research, innovation, design and international distribution of equipment and components for digital television. The vast experience helps to satisfy the needs and expectations of the European users where Galaxy Innovations retains its activity, offers quality products, usability and performance to satisfy such a highly demanding market. They have three warehouses in the most important areas in Spain, that allow them a large enough space to store, manage and distribute products with great agility.

Galaxy Innovations policy is to continue building a network of distributors around the country, keeping a strict control in compliance with European legislation on the rights and protection of their customer’s. All the Gi products comply with all European laws (ROHs, energy efficiency, etc…) and come with a 2 year guarantee.

Another feature to note is the high level of aftermarket care. All departments and technical development are in contact continuously to provide the best service and provide the quickest solutions to all their business partners.

Galaxy Innovations has its own brand and offers a complete range of products for Digital Television, “…we also have the support of leading manufacturers worldwide with great influence in the sector. An example would be the satellite dishes provided by the well known European manufacturer “Famaval”.” states the manager of Galaxy Innovations.

Its catalog offers a wide variety of products designed for digital television.  Satellite dishes ranging from 45cm up to 3.10m in addition with a full range of digital receivers that are fully adapted for the English market. Their range of receivers vary from basic SD receivers that include; USB 2.0 port, PVR (personal video recorder), smart card reader, to the latest technology in Full HD receivers including; Linux, Twin Tuner, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, Mediplayer, SATA connection for external HDD, VFD Display, compatible with plug-ins (Youtube, Picassa, etc…). They also supply products including multi-switches, LNB’s and all sorts of installation accessories.

The dynamic, professional and proactive staff, in the technical department as in other departments is fully qualified and treats each customer on a personal level.

All this makes Galaxy Innovations a highly competitive, dynamic and reliable company.

Tel: 966 661 654 or 965 449 777

Ptda. Matola, Pol. 1 nave 145, 03207, Elche (Alicante)